Reaney Days

Reaney Days

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Saturday Porch Singers

Happy Sunday family, friends and neighbors near and far!

My brother, David Lamphere, and I would like to thank everyone who joined in last night’s Saturday Porch Singers! We had singers from St. Johnsville, Fort Plain, Canajoharie, Oppenheim, Sharon Springs, Ephratah, Gloversville and, drum roll please, Canada! If I missed a location, let me know. It was a super fantastic showing supporting an idea that sprang up and took flight in the space of under 10 hours. If you happened to have taken any photos, Josh Thomas at the Courier-Standard-Enterprise would love to have them for next week’s paper. You can go to the CSE’s FB page or email them to 

I know some people were concerned they couldn’t sing. NONSENSE! Some of us might be a tad off key, a bit pitchy and stand no chance whatsoever of making it to Broadway, but as long as you bring enthusiasm, joy and hope, YOU CAN DO IT and YOU DID.

I read so many wonderful comments and I hope that you all were as touched by the experience as David and I were. Hearing the laughter of my neighbors, and the notes of a harmonica on the wind, it was the most moving four minutes I have had in the last few weeks. 

I conferred with my brother and sister-in-law, Kathy, this morning and yes, we are planning another sing along for next Saturday. Oh my gosh, can you stand the excitement???

Next week we are tapping Reggae genius, Bob Marley with his finger-snapping, cheerful and encouraging Three Little Birds; “Don't worry about a thing 'Cause every little thing gonna be alright.” 

This is a catchy tune and perhaps for parents it might present an opportunity to craft some homemade drums and shakers this week. Even if you don’t sing, you can still take to your porch, turn the volume up on your phones and tablets and bust a few joyful moves while keeping time. 

I’ve linked the music and lyrics below so we can all begin to practice.

Mark your calendars, turn your porch lights on and take to your porches Saturday, April 4 @ 8PM.
#SaturdayPorchSingers #TogetherWeStand #Community

Sunday, March 22, 2020


One of the groups that gathers here at 19 Kingsbury is Nifty Needles. We have people who knit, needlepoint, crochet and beautifully create other handcrafts. One of our members suggested a way for us to keep in touch was to create a post that invites people to share their projects. To that end, this is a pair of horse ear nets crocheted by Gertrude Horn.

Arriving from Germany, July 4, 1850 after weeks by boat were Adam and Gertrude Horn along with their son, John Jacob. Adam Horn and the former Gertrude Zay were married in October of 1848. The trip from Germany took a total of seven weeks to complete.

Settling first in Fort Plain the Horns eventually made their home in St. Johnsville. In addition to John Jacob, the Horns had four other children, all born after their arrival. Included was another son, Fridolin (Fred) and three daughters; Elizabeth, Mary and Gertrude. Daughter Gertrude later became the wife of our patron, Joseph H. Reaney.

Adam Horn became the proprietor of Horns Mill, a milling and farm supply business serving area farmers. Eventually, he was joined by his sons Fred and John Jacob, and later grandsons Carleton and Bertram. The business later sold out to GLF and finally operated for a number of years as St. Johnsville Agway. 

As anyone who has ever owned a horse knows, they are highly irritated by flies, especially on their bellies, eyes and ears. The ear nets solved part of the problem by protecting the ears and draping nearly to the muzzle. You can imagine the mayhem that might erupt if your horse, while harnessed to a wagon of feed, might suddenly bolt due to an attack of flies. Sometimes a swishing tail is not enough!

So, here is an example of some very practical crochet work. Don’t let the practicality fool you, these ear nets are really rather lovely. Over the years I have shared them during school visits. The kids always had great fun trying to guess what they were!
What needle projects are you working on as we take a “pause” in the Mohawk Valley.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Hope for Today

Dear Page Turners,

As we swirl about in these uncertain days hunting down toilet paper and other life necessities, a gorgeous bloom serves as a reminder that out of a hard, tough bulb can emerge great beauty. 

Such is where we find ourselves today.  We are in the midst of a hard, tough bulb but I have no doubt, NONE WHATSOEVER, that we will emerge full of hope, laughter and resolve.  It may not be today, or even tomorrow, but the future is filled with promise.  The future is ALWAYS filled with promise. 

This beautiful amaryllis was a gift to us from our dear friend and patron, Sandy Nellis Lane; a glorious reminder that there is goodness yet to come.  

As an aside, Miss Marge and I name our plants.  When we took delivery of this beauty a couple of weeks ago, I don't think any of us were fully aware of the mayhem yet to come.  What did we name this plant all those days ago?  Inspiration.  Sometimes life is just that simple.  


Monday, March 16, 2020

Monday, March 16, 2020

Page Turners Take Note:
If you are sick or experiencing shortness of breath,
runny nose, sore throat, cough or fever please stay home. We reserve the right to ask you to leave.

In order to practice social distancing, we are providing one computer that will be available for 30 minute increments. The keyboard, mouse and work station will be wiped down after each use. 

Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult when using the library. With school on hiatus, we cannot become a hang out or day care center. 
Having said that, we absolutely encourage you and your children to turn some pages during these swiftly changing times. There is comfort and a sense of steadiness to be found in a routine.

All toys have been temporarily removed from the Children’s Room.
With the exception of new adult fiction, materials will be given a due date of May 1, 2020. Overdue fines are currently being waived.
Your source for ebooks, audiobooks and magazines may be found at . You will need a library card to access the materials. If your card doesn’t work, or you don’t have one, please call the library at 518-568-7822 and we can fix you up.

Come by, grab some books, magazines and DVDs and go home. Easy peasy. Our slogan at MRML is Building a Community of Readers, One Book At a Time. The time has come! 

With the situation so fluid, the above is all subject to change.
Thank you for your support as we all find our way towards a new normal. 

Be safe, stay smart and scrub those hands like a surgeon heading to the OR.

Friday, March 13, 2020

Very Important.....

Greetings Page Turners,

Because our patrons run the age gamut from the very young to senior citizens, please be advised that Story Time, Nifty Needles, Reaney Writers and Book Club have all been cancelled for the remainder of March effective Saturday, March 14th.   
We would also ask that if you are sick, be considerate of others and stay home during these rapidly changing times.  If you do find yourself unwell and sitting tight, the link for online, down-loadable resources may be found on the library blog, The quick link for ebooks, audio books and magazines is Libby/Overdrive.  You will need a library card to access them.
As we wash our hands while singing Happy Birthday, I prefer two rousing renditions of Do You Know the Muffin Man,  we hope that our precautions are for naught and that we will look back on these times not with fear but with a smile remembering the GREAT TOILET PAPER SHORTAGE OF 2020.  I am working on a new song for Story Time, Not a Square To Be Spared. 
Finally, please share this post.  Thank you.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Color of the Day.....Green

Next Wednesday, March 11th, our tiny pals will once again break out their talents as we Qtip paint shamrocks!  While we won't have 50 shades of green, there will be plenty of paint to create a lovely canvas.
It will be a great morning of finger plays, songs, stories and SHAMROCKS!  
Story Time begins at 10 AM and we are always thrilled to have new pals join us.