Reaney Days

Reaney Days

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Tots and Trees


Saturday was all about tots and trees at 19 Kingsbury.  Working with some of our local writers, we invited our Toddlers To Go families to stop by for a special morning.  Each family received an American Mountain Ash with instructions how to plant and care for it.  Miss Rebecca, who has been nurturing the young trees the last several weeks, made tree journals for families to keep track of their tree’s growth.  The front of the journal showed a “finger” print of tree rings and the children were invited to dip a finger in some ink and put their prints on the journal’s cover.   

Miss Ali, who facilitates the library's writing group, printed original poems on packets of wildflower seeds that were distributed to the children to take home and plant.  Rounding out the “take homes” were honey sticks, because we all know how important bees are to our environment and two books.  One of the books was Biscuit Flies a Kite, donated by the Gehring family.  As Miss Rebecca pointed out, trees have been known to reach out and grab high flying kites. I like to think the trees are giving a gentle hug to wayward kites and sometimes just don't want to let go!

Later this summer, the library will be installing a Poetry Walk on the library grounds.  The walk will feature original work placed throughout the library park for people to read and enjoy.  To be announced, will be a public reading of the poetry when the authors will be on hand to read their work and share their inspiration for each piece.  We are working with Jill Fredericks @ Sportee Designs on the installation which has been funded by a mini grant from the Mohawk Valley Library System.

As the COVID Cootie sent our in-house toddler program off the rails in March 2020, thanks to the generosity of the Gehring family and the professionals at the USPS we have been able to maintain our connection with our tiny pals. This morning to see some pals in person was an absolute thrill for Miss Marge and myself.   

Toddlers who have been participating in the Spring session of Toddlers to Go and received notice of Saturday's event but were unable to attend are invited to stop by the library this week and pick up a tree.  Miss Marge is in charge of keeping them watered until they move to their new homes.  

Finally, speaking of trees, our glorious Catalpa has started to bloom with her sweet-smelling white blossoms.  They don’t last long, so plan a trip down Kingsbury to catch a glimpse of her beauty.  


Young trees finding new homes

Wildflower seed packets
Mr. Parker and his tree.
Miss Brenna seems delighted with the family tree.  Mr. James is not so sure!
Behind that pot is a great big smile.  Mr. Jesse has some planting experience.
Miss Charlotte's tree may find a home with grandma and grandpa. Apparently, they have lots of good planting space!


Thank you Miss Rebecca and Miss Donna for spending part of your morning with us.


Saturday, May 22, 2021

Let's Grow!


Reporting in from the library park @ 19 Kingsbury Avenue…. As our tulips and crab-apple blooms fade the warmth and sun have brought out the spirea bushes.  Also known as “bridal veil”, this particular shrub is covered with clusters of  small, white, delicate flowers.  Our spireas are in the front between the library and our neighbors to the north as well as behind the library and our neighbors to the south.  Photos of spirea are posted below.

For the last several weeks as I looked out my office window I had grown a bit concerned about the resident mulberry tree.  With not a speck of green, it looked like it was leftover from a very haunted Halloween!  Had it continued much longer, I was prepared to call our go-to tree expert Doc Davis @ Unique Tree Service.  Several years ago, following a storm, a good third of Mr. Mulberry ended up on the ground.  Miss Fran, who lived behind the library at the time, reached out to me to let me know what had happened.  When I drove down to check things out, Mr. Mulberry was a sad sight indeed. Doc cleaned him up and said he would make it; happily he did.

Fast forward to Spring 2021 Miss Marge held out hope that green would appear with this past week’s warm weather and she was correct.  Mulberry is haunted no more but rather covered with fresh green leaves still commanding his spot on the south lawn.  As the weeks march on the birds will be thrilled with the fruit it produces.  Me? Not so much as there will be multiple “air strikes” of purple you know what landing on my car😊

We’ll end our park review with news that Miss Catalpa has also begun to leaf out. Always the last to leaf, I think she likes to make an entrance. June will bring an abundance of fragrant white blossoms and large shady leaves.  Even though she sits prominently in the front of the building,  smack on Kingsbury Avenue, once fully leafed when you walk under her and look up it is easy to imagine being deep in the forest.  Miss Catalpa is a favorite and I will surely let you know when she comes into her blooming glory.   



Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Raise the flag!


With Memorial Day approaching it was time to get the poles and flags ready at 19 Kingsbury Avenue.   

Yesterday, Miss Marge and I ventured out to study the situation with the pole in the library park.  Unfortunately, when the last flag had been removed, the bottom clip had been snapped above the knot in the halyard (rope) with no way to move the rope up or down!  With the sun in our eyes and the wind whipping about we pondered the situation.  Sam Licari nicely stopped and asked if we needed a hand but we turned him down wanting to prove to ourselves we could handle things.  Miss Marge returned inside and brought out one of our famous “tools”.  Basically, it is a large rod with a hook; once used to slide down the upper windows.  After much tugging and pulling and poking with the tool the rope sprang free!

With that success under our belts I then zoomed to our pals at True Value in Fort Plain to pick up two new flags and rope and snaps for the second pole.   

Today, after studying a YouTube video, Miss Marge and I went to the pole in front of the library and successfully restrung it!  We pieced together the ends of the old rope and new rope with duct tape and Miss Marge slowly drew the rope upwards.  Like Mission Control, every inch was reported as the joined ropes steadily approached the pulley.  Tensions ran high as second by second the combined ropes entered the pulley and miraculously slid through.  Not wanting to get ahead of ourselves, with visions of dropping the old-line dancing through our heads, the old and new slowly returned to the ground, with the former garbage bound and the latter tied off.   

Friday, we will attach the snaps and raise the second flag.  After the roping events of the last two days we needed a break to calm our nerves before finishing the job.

Had we failed in our mission; I was prepared to throw ourselves on the good graces of STJFD to bring down the ladder truck and drop a new line.  Thankfully, that request will not be necessary.

As an FYI………the flags we bought at True Value are proudly made in the USA.  Keep that in mind if you are in the market for a new flag.