Reaney Days

Reaney Days

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Miss Marge Was Missing!!!

This morning was super busy during our weekly Story Time.  THIRTY ONE adults and tiny pals swarmed the Reaney Room carpet.  Yes, this was an all time high!  Each week we get to witness amazing personalities who continue to bloom and blossom.  The rug was “on fire” with excitement and the occasional "log roller". 

Right out of the gate; Miss J was simply dazzled by Miss M’s jack-o-lantern leggings and coordinating top.  Miss M then went on to share that she was going to be Cinderella for Halloween AND even wear a TIARA!  Oh, the beauty of it all.  I did suggest to Miss M’s grandmother  that I hoped grandpa was working on a pumpkin coach. 

A tiny baby pal, I think nine weeks old now, actually made it out of the baby carrier and was sitting on mom’s lap taking it all in.  The last several weeks, the baby has slept through the ruckus while an older sibling has joined in.  We have been recently joined by a cheerful 6 month old gentleman.  He is one happy guy and full of smiles.

Mr. H arrived in great spirits, becoming more and more engaged each week as he works the crowd. This morning he surprised me by standing in front of me and, out of the clear blue, began a round of peek a boo.  Later, as he sat in his mom’s lap, he started squinching his eyes up at me.  What a cutie he is.  Part of our fingerplays and singing include some very animated facial expressions;  priceless.

Our sweet moment of the morning occurred between Mr. B and Mr. J.  Mr. B had been playing with the Fisher Price Little People airplane when Mr. J strolled over and appropriated the plane right out of Mr. B’s unsuspecting hands!  I gently returned the plane to Mr. B and reminded them that we had to share the toys.  Mr. B rose to the occasion, took out the passengers and gave them to Mr. J.  No squabbles, no tears just sweet children showing us how bumps in the road should be handled.  Mr. B’s mom was thrilled at his show of generosity and Mr. J seemed fine with a handful of passengers.

As is my custom, I like to say good bye at the front door to the children as they leave.  Some had already gone out when Mr. D appeared at the top of the stairs to show me the fire truck book he had selected.  Mr. D became acquainted with the non-fiction collection over the summer and now, with great confidence, marches off to that particular area of  shelving where he knows he will find some of his favorite subjects including trucks, horses and other domestic animals.  As he stood at the top of the stairs I told Mr. D that he needed to take it to the desk for Miss Marge to check out.  However, Miss Marge was missing!  

A slightly panicked call went out; “Miss Robyn, have you seen Miss Marge!?!”  It would seem Miss Marge had been sighted but had DISAPPEARED;  a real -life mystery.  Long story short, Miss Marge had zoomed downstairs as we were exiting the Reaney Room and hadn’t returned by the time our favorite page turners were lining up for check out.  Thankfully, Miss Marge reappeared and quickly began checking out everyone’s books.   
For ever so brief a moment, there had been some consideration of reaching out to the STJPD and asking for an immediate APB on our missing Miss Marge. 

The excitement is almost too much😊  

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Heidi Sprouse


Local writer, Heidi Sprouse, will read from her work and share her publishing journey on Monday, October 28 at St. Johnsville’s Margaret Reaney Memorial Library.  The program will begin at 630PM.

Currently teaching in the Oppenheim Ephratah St. Johnsville Central School District Sprouse lives in the heart of the Adirondacks; a setting which provides plenty of fuel for her imagination.

Heidi Sprouse writes about old-fashioned values and honorable characters as she searches for the extraordinary in the ordinary. Her books include sweet romances, suspense thrillers and historical fiction.

Anyone desiring further information is invited to call the library at 518-568-7822. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2019


In advance of the 2020 Census, the U.S. Census Bureau is recruiting thousands of people for temporary jobs across the country.  
A recruiter will be at Margaret Reaney Memorial Library, Friday, October 18 from 12:30P-4P to meet with anyone interested in applying.   The pay is $17 per hour plus mileage. 
These positions provide the perfect opportunity to earn some extra income while helping your community. The results of the 2020 Census will help determine each state’s representation in Congress, as well as how certain funds are spent for schools, hospitals, roads, and more. This is your chance to play a part in history and help ensure that everyone in your community is counted.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Home Delivery

On this beautiful day in the Mohawk Valley I get to do one of my favorite library services; homebound delivery.  The person I am delivering to is someone I have known since childhood.  Up until a couple of years ago she was a regular patron but after ceasing to drive the library literally “went on the road” to her hence today’s trip to Palatine Bridge.  

As a longtime patron, I am very familiar with her reading tastes and have spent an hour or so this morning picking out six books, a mixture of fiction and non-fiction that I she will enjoy.  Our circulation system allows us to maintain a digital database of what she has read so that we are able to avoid duplication. 

Once I arrive we will have some pleasant conversation, sometimes smiling and laughing together over some long-forgotten memory.  I then leave her the bag of “fresh” reading while picking up those from last month’s visit.

Homebound delivery began back in the mid-80’s.  We had a family of patrons; a set of parents with six children, who were voracious readers.  Unfortunately, they sometimes had transportation issues.  Our solution was simple.  About once every two months Marta and I would select upwards of 80 books, give them an extended loan, pack them in canvas bags, and head off to a dirt road in Ephratah.   Our readers were  incredibly grateful and we were thrilled to be able to accommodate them.

Over the years, there have been a number of patrons who have been unable to get to the library because of physical limitations or lack of transportation and we work very hard to accommodate their situations.  This has resulted in deliveries all over town including MidTown Estates, at Senior Citizen meetings, the St. Johnsville Rehablitation and Nursing Center (both as private deliveries and as bulk deliveries to the facility) private homes and literally at the curb when a family member drives up and we exchange bags of books.

Technology allows our library catalog to be available on line.  I once went to the home of a computer savvy patron, showed him how to place his own orders and in a matter of days returned to him with his filled requests. 

If you know of anyone who might be interested in and benefit from home delivery, please do not hesitate to give me a call 518-568-7822.  Keep in mind; books are available in a variety of formats including regular print, large print and audio.  Other materials include magazines and DVDs.  After over 40 years I am well versed in our collection and have become very adept at matching up readers to books that they will thoroughly enjoy reading.   

During the Great Depression horseback riding librarians were scattered throughout Kentucky.  I’ve attached a link about these great pioneering women. 

Sadly, today’s trip is in a Hyundai, but I like to think across the years and generations, our mission remains the same.  Enjoy.

Gotta go; the road beckons!