Reaney Days

Reaney Days

Friday, May 24, 2019

And the Winners Were........

Thank you to everyone who came out in support of Flapjacks and Fairytales 2019.  It was a tremendous success and we very much appreciate those who donated baskets, helped in the kitchen and dining room, and all the hungry pancake eaters!  Working together, FJ&FT 2019 is now “one for the books” as we begin to set our sights on 2020. 

Below is a list of the basket winners with apologies for any misspellings!  

1. Bear in Mind/Sokol  Winner: Cindy LaCelle
2. Spring into Action/J. Harrington Winner: Erin Brown
3. Tea Time/Roy and Sally Tompson: Winner: Joyce Harrington
4. Let’s Get Growing/A. Planter Winner: Connie Terricola
5. The Magnificent Mongoose/PAWS Winner: Richard Hart
6. Blessings/T.Elwood Family Winner: Tom Jones
7. Table Top Time/Jeanne Swartz Winner: Shelley Ward
8. Treasure Keeper/Larry and Lindy Sweet Winner: Carolyn Johnson
9. Money Does Grow on Trees/Friends of the Library Winner: Elliot Thomas
10. “Fry”day/Frank and Cindy Stagliano Winner: Laurie Battisti
11. Heading for the Shore/E. Ferris and C. Green Winner: Susan Hazzard
12. Time to Relax/The Bergen and Burdziakowski Families Winner: Judy Swartz
13. There’s a Mouse in the Kitchen/Mark and Cathy Rice Winner: Ashley Johnson
14. Moving On!/Tm and Francine Baumeister Winner: Alice Crosier
15. Eating In Style/Aleigha and Sophie Cook Winner: Linda Snyder
16. An Artist’s Delight/Reynolds Jones Winner: Kate Frye
17. Grab My Suit!/Judy Swartz Winner: Sara Snell
18. Clever Quilting/Stella Bull Winner: Kathy Lamphere
19. Barnyard “Crow”chet/Kierin Fox Winner: Sara Snell
20. Family Fun & Games/The Red Hats Winner: Jessica Johnson
21. Get Busy!/St. Johnsville Business Girls Winner: Sophia Ditmer
22. Keeping Cozy/St. John’s Reformed Church Knitwits Winner: Jessica Johnson
23. Let It Grow/St.J. Senior Saints Winner: Clark MacLauchlin
24. “Oh, Say Can You Seed?”/Ty Stowell Family Winner: Tucker Case
25. Rhino Ready/Dustin Smith &Ava Campione Winner: Jordan Johnson
26. Cross-Stitch Heaven/Mary Lou Corso Winner: Tom Jones
27. A Taste of Blue/Mary Lou Corso Winner: Michelle Thomas
28. Alexa, Tune to NBC/ T.V. Viewer Winner: Sean Rorodin
29. “H” is for Handyman/American Legion Winner: John O
30. Horsing Around/Ali MacDonald Winner: Paige Young
31. Sew Easy/Mary Lou Corso Winner: Gerald LaQuee
32. Beauty at Hand/Keara,Darrin,&Family Winner: Tyler Mayton
33. Up, Up & Away/DawnWhite-Swartz Winner: Rich
34. Gone Fishing/Keara,Darrin & Family Winner: Cassidy Schwasnick
35. J-E-L-L-O/Mary Lou Corso Winner: Kyle Thomas
36. Poets’ Pac/First Friday Poets Winner: Libby Battisti
37. Finish Filling Me Up!/Friends of the Library Winner: Heather Thomas
38. Mountains of Fun/Fred and Deanna Campione Winner: Pat Douglas
39. Jack in a Box??/John and Judy Swartz Winner: Donna Diblasio
40. ZOOOOOM!/Friends of the Library Winner: Rebecca King
41. Road King/Friends of the Library Winner: Cindy Jones
42. Princess Pedaler/Friends of the Library Winner: Carmen Licari
43. My Car is Shinier!/Alexa & JD Zimmerman and
Aleigha and Sophie Cook                                   Winner: Justin LaCelle
44. Just Add Dirt/The Shults Agency Winner: Freida Bergen
45. Is Your Mama a Lhama?/Samantha Carter Winner: Crystal Keck
46. Memories/Joyce TenEyck Winner: Paul Isaacs
47. Tea with Miss Magnolia/Terry and Sylvia McClellan Winner: Sarah Barnes
48. Meow!!/MidVale Vets Winner: Matt Ebert
49. Deerly Beloved/Johanna Sweet Winner: D Sawyer
50. Christian Rose/Meadowland Doll Hospital Winner: Deanna Young
51. For All Spring Cleaners/Friends of the Library Winner: Theresa Sammons
52. Scratcher Alert/Joyce Harrington Winner: Sheila Hern
53. Bucket of Fun/NBT Winner: Aaron Yoder
54. The Pink Lady/Friends of the Library Winner: Melanie Weaver
55. Summer Delights/Fred& Kathy LaCoppola Winner: Nancy Grimm
56. Let It Snow???#1/Erie Canal Campers Winner: Tom Szymanski
57. Let It Snow???#2/Erie Canal Campers Winner: Crystal Keck
58. “B” is for Bulbs/Kinney Drugs Winner: Janet Shuster
59. Spend a Day at the Fort/Fort Klock Winner: Janis Yunker
60. Skywatcher/Phoebe Clark Winner: Bev Brown
61. Snuggle Time/Elizabeth Schiavi Winner: Jean Swartz
62. Page Turners/Elizabeth Schiavi Winner: Janice MacLauchlin
63. WINNER, WINNER, Chicken Dinner/
StJ Chamber of Commerce                  Winner: Johanna Sweet
64. Pampered Chef/Mary Ann Jones Winner: Connie Terricola
65. Paperbacks Galore/Joan Feagles Winner: Joan Meier
66. Summer Party/Ripepi’s Winner: Nicole Cosar
67. Great Grillin’/Superior Plus Energy Products Winner: Justin LaCelle
68. Hop into a Good Book/ Friends  Winner: Ashley Bartlett
69. Don’t Forget the Fries/ Friends Winner: Linda Snyder
70. Hit Me! / Village Staff  Winner: Alexis Hudson
71. Pit Stop/ Libby and Mike Battisti  Winner: Elaine Nalli
72. On the Move/ Judy King Insurance  Winner: Marsha Baylor
73. Licari’s Equal Goodies/ Dolgeville Big M Winner: Gerald LaQuee
74.  If You Give a Mouse a Cookie/ OESJ Elementary
        Staff and Faculty      Winner: Emily Weaver
75.   Dairy Delights/ Handy Hill Farm   Winner: Doreen Alter
76.    Stay+ Safe! / STJ Fire Department  Winner: Tom Flander
 *** Summer Essentials/ BoT and Fort Plain True Value Winner: Mary Ann Jones

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Storytime Comes to a Close

Storytime came to a close yesterday with the much anticipated Q-tip painting.  Stopping by to say “Hi” and to dip a swab or two was Officer Ferraro from the STJPD.  Police work is so dependent on building good community relations and those relations can begin with our tiniest of citizens.  We were delighted that Officer Ferraro accepted our invitation.
As the children arrived their eyes were large as saucers as Officer Ferraro greeted them and joined them in the children’s room.  He had to step out for a bit and during that time we shared some of our favorite finger-plays and songs. 
Each of the children received two canvases; a butterfly and snail, a palette (aka paper plate) of bright paints and dozens of Q-tips.  Cheerfully dabbing away, masterpieces were soon underway.  When I saw Officer Ferraro coming to rejoin us, I asked the kids which canvas we should give him.  The response was a snail😊

With very little mess, so much fun was had by all.  Our pal, Miss A, distributed lollipops to the other children and shyly  gave one to the officer. It was a sweet way to end our season.

Enjoy the photos!  Storytime will resume in the fall.   

Miss J experimented mixing her colors.  Eventually, Blue + Pink =PURPLE!

 Mr. T channeled his inner Jackson Pollock under Grandma's eyes.  
He used EVERY color available to him:)
 Q-tip painting is not always done with a single swab.  Here Mr. D shows the bundling technique; two Q-tips dipped in separate colors and used with great enthusiasm.
 Officer Ferraro invited Miss B to help him with his snail.  Without batting an eye, she happily
 polka dotted the snail shell.
 Miss A and her finished butterfly and snail.  Look at that smile!
 Miss B and her butterfly. 

I spy with my little eyes, PURPLE!

Friday, May 17, 2019

Grab Your Q-Tips

This morning, library page Samantha Reese helped prepare for next Wednesday’s Q-Tip painting.  Enlarging a template of a butterfly, Samantha then outlined them on individual canvases for the children to work with.  You would think after working with me over the course of a year she would know not to make too many suggestions.  However, she only had to say the word “snail” and I was off hunting for sketch to make a template from. Next week you will see these relatively blank canvases transformed with a kaleidoscope of color.

Google Q-Tip painting and a whole new world of creative expression can be unlocked.  It is particularly good for children as you don’t have to worry about washing brushes to change colors; you simply grab a fresh cotton swab.  As we like to say here in Libraryland, “Check it out.”