Reaney Days

Reaney Days

Wednesday, December 5, 2018


Every week is not without some cheerful adventure during story time.  This morning’s gathering was no different.  One of my tiny pals and her grandma had baked some yummy good Christmas sugar cookies to share.  The cookies were done in pairs; for example if a pal selected one decorated with silver sugar to eat, they had to find the “match” to give to their adult partner. 

However, before we got to the cookies there were songs to be sung, wrist bells to jingle, a Christmas story to be read and playtime.  After that, everyone had to make the great trek to the bathroom to wash their hands. 

For our snack, the kids gathered around a table, and my tiny cookie pal distributed colorful napkins and paper plates.  If memory serves, I don’t think Miss L is even two yet, but what a super job she did; so quiet and careful.  

Once the cookies were passed out, and yes, everyone made a match, they were happily enjoyed.  One grandma told me that her girl had eaten a bowl of cereal and two pieces of toast before they came.  That didn’t stop her in any way from eating her cookie. 

As we were cleaning up our lone-eagle little gentleman, we have three but Mr. V  and Mr. T were absent,  decided the red and green paper plate was much too nice to throw away so out the door he went tightly clutching his plate.

Next Wednesday is our last gathering before a winter break.