Reaney Days

Reaney Days

Wednesday, September 26, 2018


27 freshmen AgPtech students came to visit this morning.  I gave them a brief introduction to the library and its history and from there trustees Sharon Fuller and Mat Rapacz toured them through the museum.  They were an excited, chatty bunch ramping up the noise quotient only a bit.

In the course of conversation one student asked Sharon if we had any “scary” books.  Sharon directed her my way and I casually mentioned Stephen King, who she had read, and John Saul, who she was not familiar with.    Off they went to the downstairs. 

When they returned, I went into the stacks and pulled off a handful of John Saul.  She lit right up with some of the ghostly, horrific covers; one featured a grave yard.  Long story short, a library card was issued and away she went to turn some pages. 

No matter what the weather, it is a great day when a new reader comes into the fold.


Friday, September 14, 2018

Book Debut & Signing

        Former St. Johnsville resident, Cora Lee Palma will debut her book “Web of Italian Intrigue ~ A Legacy of St. Johnsville Immigrants” on Saturday, September 29 from 1 to 4 PM at the Community House on Washington Street. The event is hosted by the Margaret Reaney Memorial Library.   

The book is the result of extensive research of the Italian immigrants who settled in the village of St. Johnsville NY in the late 1800s into early 1900s. Their stories have been compiled into an 8x10, 288 page volume in tribute to these amazing families

Seeking a better life, the strong hearted Italian immigrants somehow found a new path to the rural village in western Montgomery County, where most spent the remainder of their lives, raising families, purchasing homes and establishing businesses.

The detailed volume is a representation of the familial lives of over one hundred Italian immigrant families who journeyed to America under the vilest conditions. Included is a great deal of detailed genealogical information for each family, with Italian and local history personalizing the accomplishments of these determined immigrants, who never abandoned their dreams.

Designed as an imaginary web, linking family threads together wherever possible, sometimes into third and fourth generations, these remarkable Italian immigrants relate their personal stories through the view of author, Cora Lee Palma.

 Palma is a founding member of the Reaney Writers Group,

facilitated by Ali MacDonald. Her other publications are “A Touch of Venus – Wedding Planning with the Bridal Zodiac”, “Bella Italia” and “Saint Simons Island and other Spiritual Sojourns”.

The book will be offered at a special debut and signing price of twenty five dollars and may be purchased by cash or check.

Anyone desiring further information is invited to contact library director Dawn Lamphere at 518 568-7822.