Reaney Days

Reaney Days

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

5th grade Class Visit

Our last class visitors for the year were the 5th grade students of Mrs. Etherton, Mrs. Brundage and Mrs. Oppenheimer.
About 60 strong, they created rather a stir for Trustees Sharon Fuller and Mat Rapacz. I took the AC off “energy saver” to accommodate the rising temperature of their excitement!
I got to say hello to many pals, some of who I have known since they were tiny tots.

It was also nice to see Mrs. Oppenheimer who I’ve not had a chance to say hello to since she brought her children to the library when they were young. Wow, time does fly!

My trustees reported that the kids asked lots of great questions and seemed very knowledgeable about some of the museum artifacts. A couple of young men impressed Mrs. Fuller when looking at the World War I & II displays. Mat Rapacz commented how many in his group were interested in the paintings and sculpture.

Towards the end of the visit, I chatted with some kids in the Reaney Memorial Room. One young man asked me if a large doll, under a glass dome, was haunted! Apparently he thought it was moving! I assured him, with all the children walking by it, the case was moving and NOT the doll.

The absolute best line of the day? I pointed out that one of the French baby dolls had a wax head. One young lady, who was apparently reading the doll’s description, asked me what “kidskin" was. I explained that it was goat leather. She looked so relieved I just had to ask, “Did you think they had skinned an actual KID?” It would seem so! Oh my goodness, the handful of kids I had been visiting with, including the young lady, and I all had a good laugh.

Click on the link for a taste of our museum collections. One of the photos is of the doll mentioned above. Enjoy!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Oh, Were They Ever Happy!

What a grand and glorious day it was this morning at the library!  Today was our last gathering of family story time and we finished the season with some painting. 

We began with several finger plays and then shared the Peter Spier story Oh, Were They Ever Happy! 

The story tells the very colorful tale of the fun that ensues when the three Noonan children are left alone one Saturday morning (the babysitter failed to show) while their parents ran errands.  Deciding to “help” and surprise their parents, the kids broke out ladders, brushes and GALLONS of assorted colored paints and painted the house from chimney to basement.

The results, as you might imagine, were a real surprise for their parents. 

After the story, we adjourned to a table where each child created their own colorful a masterpiece.  Once completed, it was time for “hands up” as they marched one by one to the bathroom to scrub off several layers of paint. 

Just like the Noonan kids, you could say the same thing about the library children this morning; oh, were they ever happy! 
Mario (2) and his Grandma Emily
Mario wasn't sure about sponge painting, but he
had a fantastic time watching everyone.

Sophia (4) and her brother Lucas (3) had fun
creating with their Grandma Mary Ann 

Sophia checks out the flower picture Elizabeth (7)
was concentrating on.

Ava (2)  had a blast painting her canvas and herself!
By the time we were done, she had paint on her face, arm and hands. 

Sawyer (3) and her Grandma Johanna.
Sawyer is good pals with her buddy, Mario.
Ava  is busy under her mom Melissa's watchful eye.

Hands up!  It was time to get washed up.

Elizabeth's finished painting.

Every week, we end our time together by winding up
Dumbo and seeing how many somersaults he can do.
Dumbo did great today completing an all time high of 6!
The children love this simple windup toy.

Monday, June 5, 2017

The Fruits of our Labor

The fruits of our labor pay off!

On Saturday one of my new “K” pals came by with her mom.  She got her library card and then spent the next hour and a half rearranging the children’s room chairs and table top barns and castle.  Mom was a bit concerned but I assured her that as long as everything was back in place when they left, I had no issue with the little girl playing “pick up and move”.

We work to create a safe, welcoming environment and obviously, this new “page turner” felt right at home.  When she left, she was happily toting one of our theme back packs and one of the special, 100 Books Before Kindergarten bags that contain 10 books.

This afternoon, yet another “K” pal dropped by with her older sister and mom.  Both of these lovely, polite young ladies were in search of library cards.  Dinosaurs, elephants and chapter books were on their minds.    

Unlike some libraries who print out receipts, we still stamp the books with their due dates.  Mom took the time to show the little girls what the date was.  She then told them when they got home to put the date on their calendars as a reminder.  What a nice lesson in responsibility.  Because it was raining, I gave them each a brightly colored bag to take their choices home.  They were delightful and brightened my day on this gloomy, rainy Monday. 

Friday, June 2, 2017

When kindergartners come to call.

55 joyful OESJ kindergartners came to call late this morning with their teachers; Mrs. Case, Mrs. Spaulding and Mrs. Gentile, along with a dozen or so parents.

When I introduced myself I told them they could call me Dawn or Miss Dawn.  One young gentleman thought Aunt Dawn sounded good.  Works for me!

I spoke to them about getting a library card and how to take care of the books they borrow.  We also talked about things that are “dangerous” to books like dogs that chew and cats that scratch, a PB&J sandwich squeezed too tight while reading or trying to catch a runaway meatball from splotching on a page.

When I asked what was the greatest danger of all, a young man named James correctly answered BABIES!

Yes, indeedy.  Babies are known to chew books, tear pages, drool and, horror of horrors, have what I termed “diaper issues”.  Trust me when I tell you, NOTHING gets a bigger shriek of laughter and a whole bunch of “icks” quicker than the suggestion of poopy diapersJ   

We enjoyed the call and response story of Let’s Go on a Bear Hunt and a fishy tale of sharing and caring titled Rainbow Fish.

Our on-site New York State of Health Navigator, Cindy Stagliano, provided plastic bags, courtesy of Nathan Littauer Hospital.  Each bag contained, among other things, a coloring book and crayons, pencils, and tissues.  To that, we added library card applications, bookmarks, and a library brochure.  When I asked who had never been to the library, one little boy said he hadn’t because his dad didn’t know where it was.  I assured him directions were being providedJ  

The children were lovely and made our day here at 19 Kingsbury Avenue.  The best part?  As we were leaving the Reaney Room, bound for the front door and lots of goodbyes, one little girl gently reached for my hand as we walked together.

With their happy smiles, inquisitive minds and good manners, each of these young ladies and gentlemen showed themselves to be a credit to their district, teachers and parents.