Reaney Days

Reaney Days

Thursday, September 8, 2016

!!!!!!! CHANGE OF DATE !!!!!!

OOOPS!  STOP THE PRESSES!  WHOA, NELLIE!  BROTHERS AND SISTERS, PUMP YOUR BRAKES AND BACK IT UP………due to a scheduling conflict, Flapjacks and Fairytales 2016 has been rescheduled to Sunday, October 16.  

FJ&FT is such a looked-forward to event throughout the Mohawk Valley, not to mention the library’s main fundraiser, and we are ever so grateful to the membership and officers at the HC Smith Benefit Club for accommodating this change.

Currently at 60 baskets and counting, raffle tickets are available at the library in the following configuration $1 per ticket, or 6 for $5, 12 for $10 or the outstanding bargain of 25 tickets for $20. Baskets will continue to be accepted right up until the Saturday of the event.  

We look forward to seeing dozens of hungry pancake eaters on Sunday, October 16.  Please, feel free to share this post among your FB families and friends.  Thank you!