Reaney Days

Reaney Days

Friday, December 16, 2016

Village of St. Johnsville Last Night

Village of St. Johnsville Last Night Activities,
Saturday, December 31, 2016
“Celebrating the Past, Welcoming the Future”
10 AM-2 PM               The Way We Were; a photographic tour with Sharon Fuller and Patrick Smith
at Margaret Reaney Library, 19 Kingbury Avenue
10 AM–2 PM             Digital Scavenger Hunt
                                     9:30 AM- 10 AM- registration at Margaret Reaney Library, 19 Kingsbury Avenue
2-4:30 PM                   Family and Friends Portraits at the Community House, 16 Washington Street
                                    With Keara Crocker Battisti in cooperation with Kinney Drugs ($1 per photo  printed)
2-4 PM                        Tours of the Bates/Engelhardt Mansion, aka the Community House, with Village Historian Mat Rapacz,
16 Washington Street
3-8 PM                        Parlor Games at the Community House, 16 Washington Street, with Juanita Handy
4-6 PM                        Flame the Band- OESJ High School Marge Curtis Auditorium, 44 Center Street
                                                Trolley available from Community House to HS 3:30 – 4 PM
                                                Trolley return available 6-6:30 PM
4-6 PM                        Escorted Trolley Rides of historic buildings and homes with Shelley Johnson Arduini and Mat Rapacz
5-6:30 PM                   Dinner Music for Residents & Staff at the St. Johnsville Rehabilitation and Nursing Center with acoustical guitarist Pat Clark
5-8:45 PM                   Tween & Teen Dance at the Youth Center with Pure Entertainment and DJ Jim Looman (age 10 and up unless accompanied by an adult), Main Street
                                                5-8 PM Drop in Craft- Tin Ornaments
                                                6-8 PM Meet and Greet Wonder Woman!
5:30-8:45 PM              Linda Lee and the Fox Creek Band at the Masonic Temple, 24 Bridge Street, refreshments
6-8:45 PM                   Charlie Brown’s Christmas movie with a snack at the Methodist Church, 7 E. Main Street
6-8 PM                        Folk Musician Roland Vinyard at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, 32 W. Main Street, refreshments
6-8:30 PM                   Singer Karen Caruso and Company @ Bridge Street Bakery and Café, 10 Bridge Street
6:30-8:30 PM              Empty Pockets Band at the House of Bread/Seeker’s Fellowship, Park Place
8-9 PM                        Bonfire, Ball Drop, Time Capsule and an Ice Cream Cone Toast! American Legion Post # 168 @ the stop light
With the exception of the Friends & Family photos, the above events are FREE,
no buttons or tickets required,  Come and Enjoy!
Hungry?  Support our local restaurants.

Lombardo’s Pizza Plus

7845 St. Hwy. 5

Noon-7 PM



Cosmo’s Bar and Grill

17 W. Main Street

2 PM -?




Bridge Street Bakery & Café

10 Bridge Street

3-8:30 PM featuring a light dinner menu and lovely,

sweet treats



Ripepi’s Restaurant

7850 St. Hwy. 5

5-9 PM serving dinner and pizza

Reservations recommended

10:30- Pure Entertainment with DJ Jim Looman


Monday, December 5, 2016

FLAME to Perform

          Plans are being finalized for the Village of St. Johnsville’s Last Night Celebration; Celebrating the Past, Welcoming the Future, on Saturday, December 31.

          With events scheduled throughout the afternoon and early evening, the ball drop is planned for 8:50 PM, the Last Night committee is planning a family/community centric event that will allow adults the opportunity and time for more traditional New Year’s Eve activities while at the same time not keeping children up too late. 

          Headlining the musical performances will be the band Flame when they take the stage of the Marge Curtis Auditorium at the Oppenheim-Ephratah-St. Johnsville High School.  The two hour concert will begin at 4 PM. 

          Flame is a group of internationally recognized musicians with powerful vocals, smooth harmonies and a rich array of instruments, the 10-person cover band from Gloversville, NY happens to have disabilities.

          Named for the Special Olympics torch, Flame was born at a 2003 talent show put on by Lexington Center, an agency that supports people with developmental disabilities. Michelle King won the contest with her singing and expressed a desire to start a band. Lexington held open auditions and others joined King.

          Like many bands, Flame started small as a recreational band within the agency and gradually gained momentum outside of Lexington. Today, Flame is known and celebrated worldwide for their music and inspirational message. Flame’s mission is to change the world through music.

          Flame has performed at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the House of Blues in Cleveland, Ohio; New York’s Apollo Theater; Harvard Law School; the Parthenon in Athens, Greece and the 2009 Special Olympics. Lead Singer Michelle King sang at the funeral of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, founder of the Special Olympics.

          In addition to Flame, other scheduled musical performances include Linda Lee and the Fox Creek Band, folk musician Roland Vinyard, guitarist Pat Clark and Empty Pocket’s and Company.

          Last Night will also include children’s parlor games and crafts, a dance at the Youth Center, a visit from Wonder Woman,  trolley car rides, a family movie and guided tours of the Community House.  Family and Friends New Year’s Eve portraits will be taken at the Community House with photographer Keara Crocker Battisti.

          In prior years, special buttons would have to be purchased to gain entrance to the various performances and activities.  With the exception of a minimal charge for the Family and Friends portraits, all of the activities are free to the public. 

          A complete schedule will be released on December 12.  Anyone desiring further information is invited to contact Dawn Lamphere at 518-332-6956. 



Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Just a Reminder

A reminder..Story Time follows the OESJ school calendar therefore we will not gather Friday, November 18 & 25. Thank you!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

FJ&FT 2016 Basket Winners

1 I Scream You Scream
Terry & Sylvia McClellan
Winner                       Ray Guinup
2 Snuggle Time 1
Ginny Michalik
Winner Jade Bonneau
3 Snuggle Time 2
Judy King Insurance
Winner Carrie Knight
4 Get the Remote
Library Trustees
Winner Lois Thomas
5 I'm a Little Teapot
Larry and Jean
Winner Cheryl Ursi
6 *Holiday Cheer
Winner Deb Vance
7 Home Spa
Lisa Blackfox
Winner Sydney Weingart
8 Smells Like Fall
Lisa Blackfox
Winner John Lewandoski
9 Hungry?
Cindy and Frank Stagliano
Winner George Stever
10 (The Pi sign)
Patricia Cake
Winner George Stever
11 Step Up to Reading
Vincent Enea Funeral Home
Winner Connie Terricola
12 Money Does Grow on Trees
Friends of the Library
Winner Jean Swartz
13 Story Hour
The Quigg Girls
Winner Alice Croiser
14 Princess Pink
Abby Smith
Winner Janice Zoller
15 Monkey Business
Sammy Smith
Winner Jean ?
16 Have a Pasta Party!
Don & Laurie Smith
Joe & Becky Sokol
Winner Jim Nocosia
17 Food for Thought
Zelda Pasta
Winner Curley Brown
18 Vintage Quilt Made By
Gertrude Pontius
Donate by: Joyce TenEyck
Winner Gina Scheck
19 T is for Trivet
Bab and Linda
Winner Kirsten Krouse
20 R2D2$$
Friends of the Library
Winner Betty Sanders
21 Get the Scoop
Sir Dustin and Princess Ava
Winner Robin Clark
22 Made in America
Deanna & Fred Campione
Sharon Fuller
Winner Elaine Fitzpatrick
Kinship Properties
Winner Josh Smith
24 WiFi  WiNot?
A. Berry Buddy
Winner R. King
25 Roll Out the Barrow!
Larry & Lindy Sweet
Winner Alan Littrell
26 Hair's to You!
Ideal Hair Fashions-
Barb Stagliano
Winner: Nicole Cosar
27 Waistin' Away
Joyce Harrington
Winner: Milly Guinup
28 Popcorn & A Movie
Morris J. Edwards
American Legion Post 168
Winner: Jason Bass
29 Rosy's House
Bridge St. Architect
Sally & Roy Johnson
Winner: Lesha Dolan
30 Happy Heart
Dawn White Swartz
Winner: Crissy Barnes
31 How About A Picnic?
Carol Pedro
Ginny Brundage
Addie Brundage
winner: ? Peterson
32 Fiesta
Ellie Ferris
Carol Green
Winner: Paige Young
33 Baby Bear
Shirley Putman
Bobbi Button
Winner: Trisha Mento
34 1 Swallow Lane
Kenneth Senft
Winner: Shawn Renodin
35 The Wish Fairy
Sandra Reilly
Winner: Kathy Lacoppola
36 Happy Trails
J.D. & Alex Zimmerman
Aleigha & Sophia Cook
Winner: Nick Licari
37 Power Pedaler
Friends of the Library
Winner: Dawn White-Swartz
38 Ride the Wind
Friends of the Library
Winner: Christie Lynch
39 Crafters' Delight
Bonny Andrilla
Winner: Lois Thomas
40 Activities for Every Age
St. Johnsville Rehab and 
Nursing Center
Winner: Isabel Handy
41 Pampered Chef
Mary Ann Jones
42 Winner: Robin Clark
42 To Market, To Market
Big M/ Carmen Licari
43 Bridge Over Troubled Water
Terry Potoczny
Winner: Terry Potocnzy
44 Made with Love
KnitsWits of St. John's Reformed 
Winner: Judy Swartz
45 Wrap it Up
Mary Lou Corso
Winner: Linda Brown
46 Color My World
The Sokols
Winner: Denise Widomski
47 Time to Relax
Mary Lou Corso
Winner: Cindy Lacelle
48 Ready for Some ZZZZZs?
Mary Lou Corso
Winner: Jean Harris
49 Early to Bed, Early to Rise
The Village People (Karen, Mary, Susan, Gary, Rhea, Diana, Christine and Bernie
Winner: Betty Sanders
50 Stroller Baby
Mother Goose
Winner: T. Weaver
51 Bedtime with Minnie
Friends of the Library
Winner: Trisha Mento
52 Mealtime
Friends of the Library
Winner: Connie Scanlon
53 Sleep Tight, Spidey!
Friends of the Library
Winner: Tom Caponera
54 All For Fall
Kathy & Fred LaCoppola
Winner: John Lewandoski
55 Pottermania
John & Judy Swartz
Winner: Brooke Swartz
56 Agood Night's Sleep
Cathy & Mark Rice
Winner: Bill and Sue Naple
57 Highland Fling
The Bergen &
Burdziakowski Families
Winner: Becky Christman
58 Let's Tailgate
Little m/ Carmen Licari
Winner: Alan Littrell
59 Color My World
Ripepi's Restaurant
Winner: Kristy Lynch
60 Stop & Smell the Roses
Jim and Sue Race
Winner: B. Stewart
61 Aarrgh, Mateys!
The MacDonalds &
Cap'n Lamphere Nanthaniel Ramirez
62 Safety First!
The Shults Agency
Winner: Dustin Cool
63 BOO!
Sophie Cat
Winner: Jean LaQuee
64 Pumpkin's Pals
C.H. Burkdorf & Sons
Winner: Deb Brown
65 Road Racer
Jeanne Swartz
Winner: Ann Matis
66 Ka-Ching
St. J. Red Hats
Winner: Linda Brown
67 I'll Take a Benjamin
Friends of the Library
Winner: Terry Capasso
68 Darth's Dollars
Friends of the Library
Winner: Diane Dutcher
69 Coookie Time!
St. J. Business Girls
Winner: Ronnie Wiedemeyer
70 America's Favorite Condiments
Tom Tomato
Winner: Laurie Battisti
71 Relax-Read-Enjoy
St.J. Senior Citizens
Winner: Laurie Miller
72 Holiday Fun
Sue Race
Winner: Joan Lewandoski
73 Get Pampered
OESJ PAWS Tina Diehl
74 Family Game Night
Winner: Samantha Gushue
75 You Light Up My Life
The Table of Fort Plain
Winner: Sandy Nellis Lane
76 Yummies for the Tummies
St.Johnsville  NBT
Winner: Barb?
77 Ladies Day Out
Bridge St. Bakery and Café
Winner: Joe Polidori
78 Readers' Delight
The Feagles Family 
Winner: Steve Miller
79 Community Potpurri
Bridge St. Bakery and Café Patrons
Winner: Jeff Darrach
80 Bake It Up
Kinney Drugs
Winner: Ann Christensen