Reaney Days

Reaney Days

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Fairytale Come to Life

We had an unexpectedly sweet story come out of this year’s Flapjacks and Fairytales. The night before, I received a covert telephone call from Cathy Miles asking if I knew of the recent tradition of over the top prom invitations. I have seen where these invitations range from sky writing to singing telegrams but had never been a part of one. Cathy wondered if I was game to help out her grandson Ross. Always enjoying the unexpected I was more than happy to be a part of it. Cathy and her husband Ron, along with many members of their family, Ross included have been tremendous supporters of the library and great kitchen help for the last 10 years of Flapjacks and Fairytales. It was arranged that a special “basket” would be slipped in among the many baskets to be raffled. The plan then called for me to announce the “winner” whereby Ross would come out and invite the young lady to their prom. When the moment finally arrived there were some confused looks by those helping with the basket drawing; the basket had no number and therefore there was no record of it. I was the only one who knew what was going on. I calmly held the “Some Enchanted Evening” basket aloft and announced the winner as Ali Teneyck. Once Ali came forward, Ross Miles popped out from the other room with a lovely bouquet of flowers in hand and a sign asking her to the prom. She, of course, said “yes”. It was a charming and a very special moment marking our 10th annual event; a fairytale come to life.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

FJ&FT 2015 And the Winners Were..........

1 Beam Me Up Scotty
Joe and Rebecca Sokol
Winner Deb Darrow
2 Hop 'n Shop
OESJ Association of Professionals
Winner L. Montana
3 Juicing it Up
Morris J Edwards American Legion Post #163
Winner Dawn Mat
4 Tea Time
Kathy and Fred LaCoppola
Winner Joe Budzic
5 Time Gone By
Fort Klock Restoration
Winner Barb Dannible
6 At The Hop
Shirley Putman & Bobbie Button
Winner Jean Sekel
7 Flapjack Frenzy
Winner Laura Littrell
8 Speedy Tot
Joyce Harrington
Winner Christ Sanders
9 Show Me the Money
MRML Friends
Winner Emily Snell
10 Spring Into Cleaning
The Manikas Family @ Parkside
Winner Cheryl Goodspeed
11 Yumm-O!
Monica Troutwheeler
Winner Jean Sekel
12 By the Sea
Sue and Jim Race
Winner Curley Race
13 Sweet Baby Girl
Debbie Mosher
Winner Art Frederick
14 Pretty Spring
STJ Nursing and Rehab
Winner Rachel Quigg
15 Quick Cakes
Dutchtown Ace Hardward ware
Winner George Stever
16 Disney Delight
STJ Housing Authority
Winner Lindy Sweet
17 House of Cards
OESJ Association of Professionals
Winner Joyce Harrington
18 Into The Woods
Camp Emerson
Winner Jason Snell
19 Through The Years
St. John's Reformed Church Knit Wits
Winner Samantha Klopman
20 Road Warrior
MRML Friends
Winner Art Frederick
21 It is Great to Be 8
Mallory Miles
Winner Sophie Lorenz
22 Cozy Crayons
Sue and Jim Race
Winner Jessica Sorenson
23 Happy Daze
Don and Laurie Smith, Joe and Rebecca Sokol
Winner Nick Licari
24 Sweet Stuff
Kinney Drugs
Winner Clayton Gallt
25 Sundae Fun
Ava Campione & Dustin Smith
Winner Kirstin Swartz
26 Cat Nap
Sophie Cat
Winner Rhea Bilobrowka
27 Princess Pink Flash
MRML Friends
Winner Sophia Lorenz
28 Memories are Made of This
Vincent A Enea Funeral Service
Winner Rose Nemechek
29 Lemon Shine
the Quigg Girls
Winner N. Grimm
30 In Perfect Harmony
Mark and Cathy Rice
Winner Fran Thomas
31 Made in the USA
Fred and Deanna Campione, Sharon Fuller
Winner Sally Potter
32 Insure Yourself
The Shults Agency
Winner Jeff Darrach
33 Happy Camper
J&J Sporting Goods
Winner Jim Nicosia
34 It's A Mystery
Sally and Roy Thomson
Winner Anna Quigg
35 Spring Planting
Francine and Tim Baumeister
Winner Larry Sweet
36 My Garden Wagon
the Bergen Family
Winner Sophia Bellen
37 Blanket Box
Lindy and Larry Sweet
Winner Carla Lyon
38 Let Us Eat Cake
Carol Greena nd Ellie Ferris
Winner Kate Yoder
39 Pinchin' Pennies
MRML Friends
Winner Sam & Joyce Giarusso
40 Frozen Friends
James and Alexandra Zimmerman
Winner Chris Rouse
41 Straw Hats, Bare Feet
Terry Potoczny
Winner Sandy Lane
42 Happy Birthday to You
Margaret DiGiacomo
Winner Teresa Battisti
43 Goosey, Goosey Gander
Winner Donna DiBlaiso
44 It's Not Easy Being Green
Mary Lou Corso
Winner Linda Van Valkenburg
45 Monkey Love
Mary Lou Corso
Winner Carrie Balogn
46 Get Comfy and Read
Mary Lou Corso
Winner Judy Swartz
47 Wining Down
Don and Laurie Smith
Winner Sue Everett
48 50 Shade of Reading
the Feagles Family
Winner Janice MacLauchlin
49 Bucket of Snacks
Little m
Winner E. Renison
50 Bucket of Snacks
Little m
Winner Melissa & Mallory Miles
51 Bark and Bones
Kingshop Properties
Winner Betty Sanders
52 The Big Red Barn
Ken and Andra Senft
Winner Roy Thomson
53 American Pasttime
Stella and Tom Harlow
Winner Owen Feagles
54 Have A Ball
Larry Lasagna
Winner Elliot Thomas
55 Tailgater
Big M
Winner Allen & Diane Littrell
56 Make Me Pretty
Ideal Beauty Shop/Barbara Stagliano
Winner Jean Swartz
57 Dump it All In
St. Johnsville Senior Saints
Winner Laurie Smith
58 Frozen Assets
NBT Bank-STJ Branch
Winner Alison Swartz
59 Picnic Pack
Community House Staff
Winner Nicole Poser
60 Farm Yard
Handy Hill Farms
Winner Durk Oord
61 Enjoy!
MRML Friends
Winner Deborah Brown
62 Farm Fresh
Damin Farms
Winner Carol Warn
63 $pring $heep
MRML Friends
Winner Mallory Miles
64 Zoom
MRML Friends
Winner Beth and Sterling Close
65 Rainy Day
STJ Red Hats
Winner Ava Campione
66 Roar into Repairs
CH Burkdorf & Son
Winner Skip Darrach
67 A Partridge in a Pear Tree
Bridge Street Bakery & Café/the Dolans
Winner Sue Race
68 "C" is for Chocolate
The Table/Aaron Katovitch
Winner Mike Settle
69 Tea Party
Winner Erin Feagles
70 Summer Fun
Winner Tammy Lovitte
71 A Gathering of Friends
Ripepi's Restaurant
Winner Mike Settle
72 Wolf Pack Nation
OESJ Booster Club
Winner Clayton Gallt
73 You are My Sunshine
DH Robbins PTO
Winner Jordan Williams
74 Body and Soul
St. Paul's Choral Group
Winner Jean Sekel