Reaney Days

Reaney Days

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Museum GRAND (Re) Opening!

Following literally hundreds of hours of work and research over the past 18 months by our dedicated museum committee the Memorial Room and downstairs will reopen during SpringFest.
Grand Opening hours are Friday, May 10th 9:30 AM to Noon and 6:30 to 8:30 PM and Saturday, May 11th 10 AM – 1 PM. looks GREAT!

Friday, April 19, 2013

And the Winners Are.....

We would like to send a HUGE thank you to all that participated in this year's FLAPJACKS and FAIRYTALES, weather by donating a basket, your time, or by participating in the breakfast and raffle. It was another success and we hope those of you that won will enjoy your baskets! And if you didn't win, we hope you still had a great time!
Hoping to see you all again next year!
Following is a list of each basket, the donator beside it, and the winner underneath.

1.      Coin Catcher- FRIENDS of MRML We Are Family- MRML Trustees

John Lewendowski


2.      Show Me the Money- FRIENDS of MRML

Nick Warner



Gail Livingston


4.      Pennies From Heaven- FRIENDS of MRML

Owen Feagles


5.      Colorburst- Ace Hardware

Teddi Colorito


6.      American Dog- Kinship Properties

Sandy Storkecky


7.      Tadpole to Frog- Sue Race & Becky Wilcox

Mallory Miles


8.      A Cup of Comfort- Damin Farms

Shelley Ward


9.      Kinney’s Kids- Kinney Drugs

Kathy LaCoppola


10.  Castles in the Sky- Roy and Sally Tompson

Nancy Resbach


11.  De-Stress- NBT

Nora Guinup


12.  Yo Ho Ho & A Bottle of Rum- Joe and Becky Sokol

Linda Welden


13.  Sweet Land of Liberty- American Legion

Ellie Ferris


14.  Made in America- Fred and Deanna Campione & Sharon Fuller

Margaret Knickerbocker




15.  Pedal Pusher- Joyce Harrington

Stephanie Dye


16.  Bourbon Street- Anonymous

Laurie Battisti


17.  Hair Today- Tim and Francine Baumeister

Tammy Weaver


18.  Yesterday’s Fun- Fort Klock

Larry Sweet


19.  Wilderness Fort- Fort Klock

Skip Darrach


20.  Bowling For Bugs- Jim Race

Carol Warn


21.  Snuggling Angels- Mary Lou Corso

Claire Boyer


22.  Company’s Coming- Dockery Florist

Karen Crouse


23.  Kitchen Needles- Nifty Needles

Cindy LaCelle


24.  Pretty Woman- Grandma’s Kitchen

Jean LaQuee


25.  Mommy’s Little Helper- Alice Jean Thompson & Debby Mosher

Jean Sekel


26.  Rock A Bye Baby- St. John’s Reformed Church Knit Wits

Deb Darrow


27.  Shades of Purple- Nancy Reynolds

Sue Tompson


28.  Santa Galore- Nancy Reynolds

Joshua LaQuee


29.  Flyer Express- Bergen Family

Kim Buddles

30.  Dinner Party- the Table

Samantha Carter


31.  Lots of Love- Grace Christian Church Sunday School

Tammy Hine


32.  Pancakes for Breakfast- Ellie Ferris & Carol Green

Robin Clark


33.  A Hunting We Will Go- Camp Emerson

Brandon Hazzard


34.  Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness- Mary Lou Corso

Gerald LaQuee


35.  Going To the Dogs- the Manikas Family

Toni Brown


36.  Happy Trails To You- John & Judy Swartz

Zach Blood


37.  Grab Some Buds- Little m

Deb Williams


38.  Baby Time- Shirley Putman and Bobbi Button

Cindy LaCelle


39.  Down By The Sea- Anna and Rachel Quigg

Kathy LaCoppola


40.  NY, NY- Laurie and Don Smith & Joe and Becky Sokol

Debbie Mosher


41.  Flower Market- Becky Sokol

Ginny Michalek


42.  Be My Guest- Lindy and Larry Sweet

Dana Gritman


43.  Box of Goodies- Dolgeville Big M

Alan Littrell


44.  Life Is Good- Sophie Cat

Toni Brown

45.  Rolling Thunder- FRIENDS of MRML

Adam Feagles


46.   Pretty In Pink- FRIENDS of MRML

Kayla Martin


47.  Mary Kay Kare- Kyser House Antiques

Sandy Stortecky


48.  Mystery-  Anonymous

K.  Zuppardi


49.  A Cup of Joe and a Good Book- Judy King Insurance

Linda Weaver


50.  Spice Up Your Life- A Friend

Mike Settle


51.  Ready To Ride- James and Alexandra Zimmerman

Kelly Gray


52.  MMM…Tutu Bene! – Ginny & Brundage, Carol Pedro & Maxine Matis

Cheryl Reese


53.  Get Busy- Mike and Libby Battisti

Tammy Hine


54.  Your Hair Start to Finish- Barbara Stagliano

Cindy Breh


55.  Pop Pop Popcorn- St.J Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

Anne Christensen


56.  Read and Relax- St. Johnsville Senior Saints

Dart Jones


57.  Curl Up and Read- Kathy and Fred LaCoppola

Cheryl Smith


58.  Everything Christmas- Mary Lou Corso

Priscilla Swartz



59.  Gone Fishing- Christine Clark, Mary Rackmyer, Karen Crouse, Gary Warn, Larry Shoff and Bernie Barnes

Gail Murray


60.  Halloween Treasure- Mallory Miles

Jordan Smizer


61.  Yukon Jack- Mark and Cathy Rice

Meghan Fox


62.  Life of Pi- St. Johnsville Teachers Association

Nora Guinup


63.  Dinner Out- FRIENDS of MRML

Todd Hoffman


64.  The Puzzler- Patricia Cresswater

Tammy Hine


65.  Vroooommmm……Cars- Abby and Sam Smith

Emerson Scherer


66.  Country Home- Mill Road Mercantile

Mark Rice


67.  Sly as a Fox- Burkdorf’s Lumber

Reece Battisti


68.  A Kitten with Mittens- Marta Zimmerman & Rebecca Sokol

Johanna Sweet


69.  Leave it to Beaver- Terry Potoczny Photography

Darren Bellen


70.  One Upon a Time- Patricia Cresswater

Claire Boyer


71.  You Light Up My Life- HC Smith Benefit Club

Mel Foster


72.  Going to the Birds- Chris and Shelly Arduini and Family

June Putnam



73.  Speed Queen- Phoebe and Otto Sitterly

Kate Herringshaw


74.  Cutie Pie- Carol Carbino

Jean Sekel


75.  Grape Hyacinth- Dawn White

Maria Battisti


76.  Things For the Home- St. Johnsville Housing Authority

Meadow Arduini


77.  Jolly Girls- Lombardo’s

Robin Clark


78.  Bead It!- Ripepi’s

Sue Sprague


79.  Chocolate Chocolate- J& J Confections; Julie Becker

Tom Croce