Reaney Days

Reaney Days

Staff & Trustees

 Because it's always nice to know who you are talking's a breakdown of the key people that keep Margaret Reaney running smoothly and who you might see when visiting.

Our Staff
Dawn Lamphere - Director
Marge Curtis- Clerk

Samantha Reese- Page
Dan Straney - Building & Grounds
Our Trustees
David Salvagni- President
Nancy Stowell-Vice President
Mat Rapacz -  Secretary 

Cindy Stagliano
Rebecca Sokol
Judy Swartz

 *The Board of Trustees meet the 2nd Monday of the month unless otherwise noted.
Vouchers are available for review beginning at 5:45PM with the meeting to follow
at 6:00 PM.

Due to Covid 19

Margaret Reaney Memorial Library
Board of Trustee Meeting
Monday, June 8, 2020

6:00 PM

The meeting will be held on the front lawn.
Social distancing will be observed.
Face coverings are required.

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