Reaney Days

Reaney Days


MRML has an internationally recognized collection of genealogy and local history materials.
While the strength of the collection focuses primarily on the history of the Palatine Germans, it is also reflective of the history of the Mohawk Valley and in a broader respect, the history of New York State.
The collection includes county histories, church records, cemetery records, scrapbooks and individual family histories.
Also available is the St. Johnsville Enterprise and News newspaper dating from 1901.  An obituary, marriage, and birth index has been compiled and is continually maintained.  In addition, during the 1920s, 30s, and 40s, the Enterprise and News routinely published genealogical column about many Mohawk Valley families and related local history articles. 
You are welcome to use the collection onsite or contact the library to see how we can best facilitate your request.

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  1. Hi--I'm a librarian in Memphis, Tennessee, looking for an obituary for the mother of several alums of Memphis University School. Would you happen to have a copy of an obituary for Ann Dern Freebing, published in the Courier-Standard-Enterprise? She died on 4/20/2018 and it appears that obits were published on 5/18/18 and/or 5/25/18. Any help would be appreciated. My email address id Thanks!