Reaney Days

Reaney Days

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Ice Cream Time

I just pulled some books for tomorrow's curbside pickup. 
These pals like horses, insects and trucks so it was a fun, easy pick. 

Because they come from a "cooking" house, I also included a couple of children's cookbooks. One of the cookbooks has a make your own ice cream recipe. What could be better then a good book and some delicious homemade ice cream on a hot summer's day?

Got books? Yes, we do; along with DVDs, audio books and magazines. Give us a buzz at 518-568-7822 to arrange for your curbside pickup.

Below is the recipe from the ice cream book.


How Is It Made?  Ice Cream
by RJ Bailey

Ice cream in a bag recipe:

½ C whole milk or half and half
½ t vanilla
1T sugar
4 C crushed ice
4 T salt

2 quart-size sealable plastic bags
1 gallon-size sealable freezer bag

1.     Mix the milk, vanilla and sugar in one of the quart-size bags.  Squeeze out any extra air and close tightly.
2.     Place bag #1 inside the second quart-size bag.   Again, squeeze out the air and close tightly.
3.     Put these doubled bags in the gallon bag.  Fill with the crushed ice and sprinkle the salt on the ice.  Remove air and close tightly.
4.     Shake for 5-10 minutes making sure the ice continues to surround the cream mix.

This ice cream will be soft.  Top with your favorite yums and enjoy!  

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