Reaney Days

Reaney Days

Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Shirt's Tale

A few years ago when I was putting my new home together I decided I wanted to surround myself with the things that are most important to me. Topping that list was family and to that end one of my most treasured pieces is this shirt that belonged to my dad.
My father, Bill Lamphere, was a cattleman having been for many years the manager/herdsman of Free Baer Farm, first in Stone Arabia and then in Palatine Bridge. Free Baer Farm was a dairy farm with a milking herd of about 40 registered Holsteins. Every year at this time the farm would take a string of show cattle to the Fonda Fair and the NY State fair in Syracuse. This shirt, which now hangs in my bedroom was my dad's "show shirt". Soft from many washings, I would guess it now to be about 50 years old.
A proud veteran of WWII my dad was awarded a Purple Heart and Oak Leaf Cluster for action seen at the Battle of the Bulge and during the crossing of the Rhine river at Remagen. In addition he recieved a Bronze Star, a Silver Star and a Combat Infantry Badge. Dad was also well know throughout the valley for his fine singing voice and his lay ministry work.
Over the years I have told parents who were discouraged as their child struggled to read, or even worse, didn't like reading, that besides encouraging kids to read and reading to them, they needed to set the example and be readers themselves. I am living proof of that. My dad read all the time across the board on a variety of subjects. Frequently after my siblings had left home and it was just my parents and myself, many a morning I would be at one end of the dining room table with a book while my dad was at the other with his own book. We crunched our Corn Flakes to the whispering sound of pages turning.
Sometimes I doubt that my life's path would have led me to 19 Kingsbury Ave if it were not for the "reading" influence of my father. When I wake up in the morning and see his shirt I am reminded of the wonderful childhood that I enjoyed and the great man that was my dad; I am so very thankful that he loved to read.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

News and Notes For Now...

We hope with this new web format to offer our library friends and family a new, fresh, and convenient way to share thoughts, observations and news about our hometown.
So, Let's hear from you!
Have you just finished a good book and want to recommend it? Do you have a question? Do you just have something to say and want someone to listen? Have you read one of our book club selections but will be unable to attend the meeting? Still want to share your thoughts on it? If you answered YES to any of the above, please feel free to send us an email. We would LOVE to hear from you!
Libraries are all about words and thoughts, so let's exchange a few!

Terror In the Night (A Different Perspective)

Good Morning Everyone!

Being as she was rather mis-represented in our original story, S. has sent along her version of the events as they unfolded that fateful eve. I hope this will start you day off with a smile!

Hello Everyone,
I have taken great offense at my sidekick’s report below of last evening’s event! Yes, I did leave the building, but not because of the bat!! I wish I had a videotape of those two “fearless” females who had decided they were going to take care of the bat---heaven forbid we should ask the police for help. Why did I leave the building, you might ask? It was the incredible SCREAMING from my cohorts that I could not handle, along with the fact that those two fearless wonders were both running for their lives---leaving me ALONE in the room with the bat. My last image of Dawn is her literally cowering in the corner of the hall by the Ladies Room. I would also have loved to interview that bat---I can’t believe that it wasn’t terrified and couldn’t believe the mistake he had made in entering the library! The walk home helped to soothe my rattled nerves and my ears to recover. Thank goodness the two Bat Ladies finally had the sense to call for help!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Gotham City?

These are the events which unfolded a couple of weeks ago to the best of my recollection.  Yes, they may be somewhat embellished; but the adrenaline rush of terror will do that to a person.  Names have been shortened to initials to protect the not so innocent.
Following a successful Floats and Boats at the marina, S and I were heading back to the library to unpack when my phone rang.  It was co-worker M telling me a BAT had been spotted in the basement.  My heart FROZE with the horror of it all. It had been years since we had been so terrorized by these winged creatures; residents of hell.
Upon arrival our fearless leader B was apprised of the situation.  She, S and I decided we were going to mount an attack.  M, wisely, said good night and went home.  During prior attacks our late good pal C had fashioned a plastic bag on a rubber hoop mounted to a stick.  While the bag and hoop still were at hand the stick was not.  Packing tape came out to affix it to a cardboard tube; an act that should have clued us in that our mission was doomed.  S, in the meantime, is saying “Call the police.”  I assured her we could not, it would be a waste of taxpayer dollars and after all, we were strong women, hear us roar, and could handle the situation.
Gathering our courage we went to the basement and unlocked the door to the room we needed to be in.  The light switch for that particular room is about 9 feet across on the other side.  I skulked to the switch  with the homemade weapon while B and S marched forward; S with a common broom  plus a plastic cover off a storage bin covering her head.  B had a similar cover over her head. 
Shortly after turning on the light.........yes.............yes...........the great winged creature swooped from north to south in the front hallway.  I'm ashamed to tell you B and I SCREAMED like idiots after which I ran for the door to watch the proceedings from behind the safety of the glass window.  I WAS DONE.  B and S carried on with determination............until another swoop by the beast had him heading straight for B!!!!  Again, she and I both screamed and B bolted for the door. By that time we were so overcome with hysterical laughter I had to adjourn to the ladies room.
When I came out I said “Where's S?" "She left us." was the reply. It seems S could not deal with our frightened screams and disgusted, by our weakness, LEFT THE BUILDING LEAVING US BEHIND.
Much chastened, B and I adjourned upstairs, swallowed our pride and called the PD. Within a couple of minutes the officer arrived and I asked if he had any bat experience. I also told him not to hesitate to draw his weapon and blow that bat to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just be careful to shoot around the antiques:)
The three of us returned to the downstairs. "Where's the light?" he asked with great authority. I told him it was far across that darkened room. Pulling on official black gloves, grasping his Mag-lite and our homemade weapon he entered the lair of the flying beast. I don't know about him, but my heart was in my throat...pounding...pounding...pounding.
There was a scuffle on the front stairs, and then the beast flew into the furnace room with the officer hot on his tail. More noise, lots of noise, scary noise and B quietly said "If the door opens and the bat comes out with the cop in the bag we are in TROUBLE." Finally, the door did open and a victorious agent of the law appeared, culprit in the bag.
OMG..............B and I gave shouts of jubilation..........thank you Lord, God Bless you young man ect ect ect.
30 minutes after our ordeal had begun it was over. When I got home I was exhausted by the terror and took to my bed. I would slay dragons in the middle of Main Street for those I love but bats scare the heck out of me; I become filled with fear and loathing. We can only hope he was not a forerunner of things to come.
Next up? Looking for a bat signal to alert the PD in case those spawn of Satan descend again with a great flapping of wings.


Friday, August 24, 2012

How does your garden grow?

From story hour a few years to the kids..."Do you have a garden?"  A little voice replied "My grandpa does."  I asked, "What does he grow, flowers or vegetables?'  "Flowers and bikinis.  My grandma bakes bikini bread."
I about fell off the chair with laughter.
I hope you are enjoying the bounty of summer.

Just to say "Hello"

Welcome to Margaret Reaney Memorial Library a rural, public library in beautiful upstate New York.  We hope to use this forum to keep you up to date on our happenings and news including the latests hits and misses in the page turning world. 
Who am I?  My name is Dawn Lamphere and I'm the library director.  Having been here 35 years it's practically the only adult job I've ever had!  Plain and simple?  I love books and look forward to sharing some of my favorite titles with you and help you to discover the mystery and magic that is Margaret Reaney!