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Reaney Days

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Book Recommendations
by Mike Lupica
I loved this book when I read it earlier this summer and if you like superheroes you will too.
From Mike Lupica's website:
Fourteen-year-old Zach Harriman can feel the changes. The sharpening of his senses. The incredible strength. The speed, as though he can text message himself across miles. The confidence and the strange need to patrol Central Park at night. His dad had been a hero, a savior to America and a confidante of the president. Then he died, and the changes began in Zach. What Zach never knew was that his father was no ordinary man, he was a superhero, battling the worldÍs evil. This is a battle that has been waged for generations and that knows no boundaries. And now it's Zach's turn to take on the fight. It's Zach's turn to become a hero.
Sportswriter Lupica is also the author of Travel Team, Heat and the Miracle on 34th Street as well as a longtime columnist for the New York Daily News.
To read more about Mike Lupica and his work visit him at

Little Blog on the Prarie
by Cathleen Davitt Bell
Camp Frontier promises families the "thrill" of living like 1890s pioneers. Gen will be thrilled if she survives the summer stuck in a cabin with her family and no modern amenities. But ever the savvy teen, Gen sneaks in a phone and starts texting about camp life. Turns out, there are some good points-like the cute boy who lives in the next clearing. But when her texts go viral as a blog and a TV crew arrives, Gen realizes she may have just ruined the best vacation she's ever had.
I read this over the summer and it is laugh out loud fun. To learn more about the author visit her website. Enjoy!

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