Reaney Days

Reaney Days

Staff & Trustees

 Because it's always nice to know who you are talking's a breakdown of the key people that keep Margaret Reaney running smoothly and that you might see when visiting.

Our Staff
Dawn Lamphere - Director
Marta Zimmerman - Assistant Director 
Patrick Smith - Building & Grounds 
Our Trustees
Sharon Fuller - President
David Salvagni    -Vice President
Nancy Stowell -  Secretary 
Tom Weingart

Cindy Stagliano

Mat Rapacz

Tara Stanton

 *The Board of Trustees meet the 3rd Monday of the month unless otherwise noted. Vouchers are available for review beginning at 6:30PM with the meeting to follow at 6:45 PM.



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  1. November 7th, 2015 (Saturday).

    Attention: Acquisition Librarian.

    Please review the synopsis of my novel, FROM SHADOWS TO LIGHT, a historical family saga that has inspirational elements, to determine if it is suitable for purchase by your staff.

    Publisher: Parent Company, Harper Collins, Inspirational Emblem, Thomas Nelson and Zondervan, Printer, WestBow Press.


    In 1880, Philadelphia and Cape Island, New Jersey offer lucrative opportunities to bankers and industrialists, entrepreneurs whose lives seem to be enviable. Yet, these leaders of polite society are subject to the same adversities as all men. They cannot conceal themselves behind their marble walls. Life's challenges do not respect position; trials come, threatening to consume, if trust in God is not the stronger force.

    The three Whitman sisters belong to that polite society. They are blessed with physical allure: auburn hair, sapphire eyes, and satiny-white skin, but such attributes do no guarantee happiness. Faith, who lost her eyesight at age eleven after a prolonged illness, excels in musical performance. She elopes with Reed Collins, a fellow musician, and goes to England to concertize on the piano. Her future security is threatened when Reed's amorous past forces its way into the present. Hope and her husband, a surgeon at Pennsylvania Hospital, are anticipating the birth of their first child, but their joy is snatched away; the pain of such a loss separates them, and Hope wonders if she will ever find peace. Charity, opinionated and rebellious, is sent to Charleston by her parents, where her paternal grandmother intends to find her a husband, in fact a Baptist preacher who can tame her wildness. That plan quickly goes awry when Charity runs away.

    Overwhelmed by heartbreaking situations, the sisters seek God. The heavenly Father draws each one to the Savior; they hear His call, for only belief in Him can heal, resolving the complications. He directs Faith, Hope, and Charity to the narrow path that leads to life and bathes them in His eternal light.

    Brief Bio:

    Catherine Diane Parker majored in American and British literature while attending college. She also studied classical piano with a graduate of Juilliard and taught beginning and intermediate piano for a number of years. She and her husband live in the Boston area.

    The book would appeal to a female audience, in general, but I believe that men would find the aspect of overcoming obstacles to be successful both personally and professionally.

    Please feel free to contact me.

    Catherine Diane Parker


    Phone#: (781) 315-2825