Reaney Days

Reaney Days

Friday, June 15, 2018

Kids and Libraries

Story Time is always a delightful affair and this morning was no different.  Next week will be our last gathering and we will be doing sponge painting.  I can’t wait. No doubt half of the paint will land on the canvas while the other half will smear up and down little arms with a dot or two left over for cheeks and noses!  Rumor has it one of our tiny pals may bring a cousin along; a young man I have not seen since he was a child. 

What can one say about 48 visiting kindergartners?  They swarm like locust and chatter like magpies.  It was wonderful having them here.   The noise level rose a few decibels and that is ok; their enthusiasm is invigorating. 

We talked about getting a library card and taking care of the books that they borrow.  Drawing from my decades of experience, I always issue a warning about the most dangerous enemy of books; no, it is not cats or dogs, but rather BABIES!  They gnaw, they tear and yes, sometimes the diaper FAILS!  That story never fails to bring on lots of laughter. 

After we shared a couple of books and the call and response story of Let’s Go On a Bear Hunt, the kids broke up into circles and enjoyed some Look and Find books as each group then took a turn picking out a gift book to take home and make a part of their personal libraries.  The gift books were donated to us by the Mohawk Valley Library System. 

After leaving the library they were off for fun and lunch at the park playground and would end their day enjoying a yummy ice cream cone at Parkside.   Taking a poll, a twist seemed to outnumber singular chocolate or vanilla.   I told them to give my regards to Miss SamanthaJ

The air rang with good byes and thank yous as they made their way out the front door and down the sidewalk. 

Please moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, and related adult caregivers make the library a regular part on your summer routine.  Not only does reading over the summer keep skills sharp for when children return to school in September, but visiting the library is also a way for children to practice their manners and gain confidence interacting with other people outside of their immediate circle.  
The strength and longevity of our society depends on our ability to communicate directly and civilly with each other.  That is a lesson no child is ever too young to learn and is so easily demonstrated by providing directions to subject areas when asked and chatting over the circulation desk as we send a child on their way with an armload of page-turners that have the capacity to both entertain and teach. 

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