Reaney Days

Reaney Days

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Writer to Read

Margaret Reaney Memorial Library will host writer Christine Oarr Eggleston at the St. Johnsville Community House, Thursday, October 19 at 7 PM.

Eggleston, a former area journalist and retired Amsterdam teacher, will be reading from her series of Murder in the Mohawk Valley tales.

Of particular interest to local residents will be the 1916 Rotundi murder at the old Rapacz Market and the 1889 stabbing death of young Floyd Nellis in the Lion Knitting Mill.

Eggleston began writing in 1972 for the Amsterdam Recorder and worked as a journalist for two decades before becoming a teacher.

Now retired, she has returned to her first career. She graduated from Fulton Montgomery Community college where she received the Evans Award in English, SUNY Oneonta with a degree in Human Ecology and also holds a master's degree in Educational Psychology.

Her two previous published works were for children, "The Boy Who Slept in the Pickle Barrel, an Erie Canal Tale"  and "Valerie Celery" a book about bullying.

The Community House is located at 16 Washington Street, St. Johnsville.  Anyone desiring further information is invited to contact library director Dawn Lamphere at 518-568-7822. 

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  1. I was thrilled to read to the group and am available to any local group who would like me to read them :)
    Chris Oarr Eggleston