Reaney Days

Reaney Days

Friday, June 2, 2017

When kindergartners come to call.

55 joyful OESJ kindergartners came to call late this morning with their teachers; Mrs. Case, Mrs. Spaulding and Mrs. Gentile, along with a dozen or so parents.

When I introduced myself I told them they could call me Dawn or Miss Dawn.  One young gentleman thought Aunt Dawn sounded good.  Works for me!

I spoke to them about getting a library card and how to take care of the books they borrow.  We also talked about things that are “dangerous” to books like dogs that chew and cats that scratch, a PB&J sandwich squeezed too tight while reading or trying to catch a runaway meatball from splotching on a page.

When I asked what was the greatest danger of all, a young man named James correctly answered BABIES!

Yes, indeedy.  Babies are known to chew books, tear pages, drool and, horror of horrors, have what I termed “diaper issues”.  Trust me when I tell you, NOTHING gets a bigger shriek of laughter and a whole bunch of “icks” quicker than the suggestion of poopy diapersJ   

We enjoyed the call and response story of Let’s Go on a Bear Hunt and a fishy tale of sharing and caring titled Rainbow Fish.

Our on-site New York State of Health Navigator, Cindy Stagliano, provided plastic bags, courtesy of Nathan Littauer Hospital.  Each bag contained, among other things, a coloring book and crayons, pencils, and tissues.  To that, we added library card applications, bookmarks, and a library brochure.  When I asked who had never been to the library, one little boy said he hadn’t because his dad didn’t know where it was.  I assured him directions were being providedJ  

The children were lovely and made our day here at 19 Kingsbury Avenue.  The best part?  As we were leaving the Reaney Room, bound for the front door and lots of goodbyes, one little girl gently reached for my hand as we walked together.

With their happy smiles, inquisitive minds and good manners, each of these young ladies and gentlemen showed themselves to be a credit to their district, teachers and parents. 

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