Reaney Days

Reaney Days

Monday, June 5, 2017

The Fruits of our Labor

The fruits of our labor pay off!

On Saturday one of my new “K” pals came by with her mom.  She got her library card and then spent the next hour and a half rearranging the children’s room chairs and table top barns and castle.  Mom was a bit concerned but I assured her that as long as everything was back in place when they left, I had no issue with the little girl playing “pick up and move”.

We work to create a safe, welcoming environment and obviously, this new “page turner” felt right at home.  When she left, she was happily toting one of our theme back packs and one of the special, 100 Books Before Kindergarten bags that contain 10 books.

This afternoon, yet another “K” pal dropped by with her older sister and mom.  Both of these lovely, polite young ladies were in search of library cards.  Dinosaurs, elephants and chapter books were on their minds.    

Unlike some libraries who print out receipts, we still stamp the books with their due dates.  Mom took the time to show the little girls what the date was.  She then told them when they got home to put the date on their calendars as a reminder.  What a nice lesson in responsibility.  Because it was raining, I gave them each a brightly colored bag to take their choices home.  They were delightful and brightened my day on this gloomy, rainy Monday. 

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