Reaney Days

Reaney Days

Saturday, October 22, 2016

A Great Success

Thank you to everyone who supported Flapjacks and Fairytales 2016!
We served approximately 400 hungry pancake eaters.  Attendance was down a bit from prior years.  I think this might be attributed to the change of season, previously held in April to October, as well as having to make a last minute change of date about 6 weeks ago.   That being said, we continue to be absolutely amazed by the enthusiasm and support this event generates and receives. 

The library has 5 trustees and a staff of three.  There is no way we could undertake such an event on our own.  Volunteers continue play a vital role in its success.  For a decade the kitchen was led by Bob Fisher.  Bob recruited the necessary staff and we never had to give the kitchen a single thought knowing it was in capable hands.  At the conclusion of last year’s breakfast, Bob and his crew stepped aside, and after ten years of dedication to Flapjacks and Fairytales, who could blame them?   

Former trustee Rebecca Sokol stepped in to chair the kitchen.  Becky put together a new team and they rose to the occasion beautifully.  Thank you so much Lesha Dolan, Judy Swartz, Neil and Christine Clark, Shelley Arduini, Linda Welden, Joe Sokol, Kathy Lamphere and Val Muscato. One volunteer carried over, Ron Wiedenmayer.  Ron is a master egg cracker; the first all important step towards scrambled eggs.  For a group who had never worked together as a whole, they got the job done.  I think Bob Fisher will be proud of their efforts.  We also had several new volunteers in the dining room; Cindy Stagliano, Jackie Devlin, Ali MacDonald, Deanna Campione and Sydney Weingart.   

We are also extremely grateful to Aaron Manikas from Parkside Drive In for his preparation of the always popular sausage gravy and some old school liver gravy.  Mary Finch, who I affectionately call, the Biscuit Queen, hand rolled, cut and baked dozens of baking powder biscuits.   

I can’t speak about FJ&FT without mentioning both the HC Smith Benefit Club and Carmen and Nick Licari.  When FJ&FT out grew first the Community House and then the Masonic Temple, the Benefit Club opened their doors to us.  It has proven to be a great location with plenty of room inside and out to meet our needs.  Benefit Club members Tom Flander and Michele Lull have been particularly helpful to us this year, and we are thankful for that help. 

I struggle with the logistics of food preparation for one person much less 400.  Carmen and Nick Licari of the Dolgeville Big M and St. Johnsville’s Little m efficiently take the reins in that department and coordinate the food order.  The Licari’s have treated us fantastically these last 11 years.  In addition to ordering the food, Carmen, with assistance from Morris J Edwards American Legion Post #168, help to move the baskets each year from the library to the Benefit Club.  With baskets in every size and shape under the sun, this is no small accomplishment.  

Finally, I must comment on the baskets.  The Mohawk Valley has seen its own share of financial ups and downs but has always displayed a generous heart.  That generosity was evident by the donation of 80 baskets to this year’s event.  A complete list of basket donors and winners will be posted soon. 

There is an African proverb that states “It takes a whole village to raise a child.”  Such is the case with Flapjacks and Fairytales.  Speaking for myself and the library board, we are humbled and profoundly grateful by this outpouring of support.   



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