Reaney Days

Reaney Days

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Good Read!

Joyfully, there are still days of excitement in Libraryland even after 38 years!  A patron came by today to stock up, she is an avid reader.    A few weeks ago I had recommended a book to her, Forty Acres by Dwayne Alexander Smith.  I had not seen her since she borrowed and returned it and was disappointed not to get her opinion. I am always curious how a book is received based on my recommendation; obviously reading tastes are all over the board.  Did she like it?  Did she hate it?  Did she even read it?????   

Long story short she was absolutely thrilled by the novel giving it 5 stars on the

Goodreads website!   

If you are sitting poolside or have sought the shade of a tree and are looking for a page turning summer read consider Forty Acres.  Come borrow it from us or download it to your electronic device but, as we like to say here in Libraryland, check it out.

Speaking of finishing a book……..years ago a patron, a very conservative, pillar of society, ladylike woman, borrowed a book.  When she returned it she was appalled by the content; seems it was a bit risqué.   Wanting to diffuse the situation I asked the horrified soul “Did you finish it?”  Her reply?  “YES!”  Oh. My. Word.  I still laugh every time I think about that dear, gentle woman and her unintentional adventure to the seamy side of reading


  1. Thanks for spreading the word about my book.

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