Reaney Days

Reaney Days

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

OESJ Wolf Pack Nation

We had a howling good time here in Libraryland today when 63 members of the OESJ Wolf Pack Nation stopped by for a visit. The students were accompanied by their teachers; Mrs. Eakin, Mrs. Blanc, Mrs. Pedrick, Mrs. Snell and several assistants. Like a caravan of nomads riding a camel train two busses, one big one small, rumbled up and out piled dozens of happy, excited children. I spoke to the children about getting library cards and how to take care of the books they borrow. Always a hit is when I mention the most dangerous creature on earth for books; babies! Endlessly drooling, chewing, ripping and occasionally having “diaper issues” babies can be terrors, BUT, I stressed how incredibly important it is to begin sharing books with them at an early age. The diaper talk always makes them giggle After we shared a story the kids then had the opportunity to browse. This is always a blast as dozens of books came flying off the shelves were eagerly paged through. Each of the kids received a book bag containing a library card application, book marks and a brochure listing our hours. I hope to see them over the summer. As I told the kids, your brain is like a muscle and you have to keep it exercised and reading is a good way to do that. When they left, it was quiet as a tomb and I spent the greater part of the day re-shelving. Kindergarten comes to call on Thursday; good times!

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