Reaney Days

Reaney Days

Monday, May 5, 2014

We thank you!

There are so many people who make Flapjacks and Fairytales a success.  First and foremost we have to thank former trustee Lois Thomas for bringing the idea forward nine years ago.  Since its inception, like mushrooms in the rain, FJ&FT just keeps growing and growing!


With only seven library trustees and three staff members we rely on lots of help.  To that end, we must thank Bob Fisher and his wonderful and seemingly tireless kitchen crew for their always outstanding job.  Without Bob and his friends in the kitchen there would be no Flapjacks and Fairytales.  Bob works closely with Big and Little M owner Carmen Licari in ordering all the food while coordinating everything in the kitchen. 


We are grateful to Jim and Dorothy Thomas who have donated the butter every year and dear Mary Finch, who single handedly was responsible for making over 500 baking powder biscuits.  Oh my!

We sincerely appreciate the many volunteers who came forward to move baskets, assist in the dining room and help advertise the event. 

In the last nine years we have used the Community House, Masonic Temple and now the Benefit Club.  Each of these venues has been gracious and generous in helping to make Flapjacks and Fairytales a success.   


This year we raffled 78 baskets.  The baskets were donated by individuals, organizations and businesses.  When you see them all together you can’t help but be overwhelmed by the generosity and creativity wrapped up in cellophane and bedazzled with a bow.

The always popular Money Tree was donated by library FRIENDS and won by Betty Sanders.  New this year was a Money Wreath donated by the staff of OESJ School.  The wreath was won by Tiffany Leiphart. 

The JJ Sporting Goods basket will be making its way to Alabama; the lucky winner was in upstate New York visiting family. 

A complete list of donors and winners may be found at our blog


One of my favorite baskets was the bird house replica of Indian Castle Church built and donated by Kenny and Andra Senft.  Former library trustee Charles Welden, who passed away two years ago, was also the long tenured supervisor for the Town of Danube where the church is located.  Charley absolutely loved the Indian Castle Church and all of its attendant history.  I know he would have enjoyed the finely crafted birdhouse.  No matter what the basket was; those who won seemed absolutely thrilled and that is always fun.


Finally, we need to offer a huge thank you to all the hungry pancake eaters who came out.  Every year it is nice to see and say hello to not only familiar faces but also to meet new people.  Without fail, anyone new to the event was amazed by how grand and glorious it was!

Speaking on behalf of the trustees and staff, we are truly humbled each year by this wonderful show of support for Margaret Reaney Memorial Library.  Flapjacks and Fairytales serve as a model for all that is good about small town life in the Mohawk Valley and we are proud to be a part of it of that life and to call this place home

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