Reaney Days

Reaney Days

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Great Outdoors!!!

In the great out of doors!
The library park has been graced by new benches.  Generously donated by Ralph Colorito and Joe Mastracco the benches are in memory of their loved ones.  We would like to give a big thanks to members of American Legion Post #168 for installing them.  Heading up the team was Joe Peruzzi capably assisted by Ron Weidenmayer, Alan Weaver, Mike Bartlett, Tony Susi, Dan Matis, Dave Miosek and Jim Race. Stop by and try them out.  They are as comfortable as they are nice looking.
Every year we get asked, “Just what is that beautiful tree in front with the white flowers?”   It’s a catalpa.  In June it is eye-catching with thousands of fragrant blossoms.  Unfortunately for our hardworking groundskeeper, Patrick, the blooms do not stay on the tree.  The flowers drift down and pile up on the sidewalk like snow; beautiful but messy.  No sooner does he get them cleaned up when the sidewalk is covered again.  With wonderful, broad leaves the tree does provide excellent shade which helps deter some of the summer heat soaking into the library.  You will also notice its’ distinctive bean pods, sometimes used as poking sticks by the kids. The pods are long and, when they dry up, tough, making them somewhat difficult to rake or pick up with the lawn mower.  Come late fall and a hard frost, all the leaves seem to drop at once making for an ankle deep carpet; perfect for leaf kicking. 


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