Reaney Days

Reaney Days

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Terror In the Night (A Different Perspective)

Good Morning Everyone!

Being as she was rather mis-represented in our original story, S. has sent along her version of the events as they unfolded that fateful eve. I hope this will start you day off with a smile!

Hello Everyone,
I have taken great offense at my sidekick’s report below of last evening’s event! Yes, I did leave the building, but not because of the bat!! I wish I had a videotape of those two “fearless” females who had decided they were going to take care of the bat---heaven forbid we should ask the police for help. Why did I leave the building, you might ask? It was the incredible SCREAMING from my cohorts that I could not handle, along with the fact that those two fearless wonders were both running for their lives---leaving me ALONE in the room with the bat. My last image of Dawn is her literally cowering in the corner of the hall by the Ladies Room. I would also have loved to interview that bat---I can’t believe that it wasn’t terrified and couldn’t believe the mistake he had made in entering the library! The walk home helped to soothe my rattled nerves and my ears to recover. Thank goodness the two Bat Ladies finally had the sense to call for help!

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  1. S....
    Did you really have to say I was cowering by the ladies room???? Dawn