Reaney Days

Reaney Days

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Storytime Comes to a Close

Storytime came to a close yesterday with the much anticipated Q-tip painting.  Stopping by to say “Hi” and to dip a swab or two was Officer Ferraro from the STJPD.  Police work is so dependent on building good community relations and those relations can begin with our tiniest of citizens.  We were delighted that Officer Ferraro accepted our invitation.
As the children arrived their eyes were large as saucers as Officer Ferraro greeted them and joined them in the children’s room.  He had to step out for a bit and during that time we shared some of our favorite finger-plays and songs. 
Each of the children received two canvases; a butterfly and snail, a palette (aka paper plate) of bright paints and dozens of Q-tips.  Cheerfully dabbing away, masterpieces were soon underway.  When I saw Officer Ferraro coming to rejoin us, I asked the kids which canvas we should give him.  The response was a snail😊

With very little mess, so much fun was had by all.  Our pal, Miss A, distributed lollipops to the other children and shyly  gave one to the officer. It was a sweet way to end our season.

Enjoy the photos!  Storytime will resume in the fall.   

Miss J experimented mixing her colors.  Eventually, Blue + Pink =PURPLE!

 Mr. T channeled his inner Jackson Pollock under Grandma's eyes.  
He used EVERY color available to him:)
 Q-tip painting is not always done with a single swab.  Here Mr. D shows the bundling technique; two Q-tips dipped in separate colors and used with great enthusiasm.
 Officer Ferraro invited Miss B to help him with his snail.  Without batting an eye, she happily
 polka dotted the snail shell.
 Miss A and her finished butterfly and snail.  Look at that smile!
 Miss B and her butterfly. 

I spy with my little eyes, PURPLE!

Friday, May 17, 2019

Grab Your Q-Tips

This morning, library page Samantha Reese helped prepare for next Wednesday’s Q-Tip painting.  Enlarging a template of a butterfly, Samantha then outlined them on individual canvases for the children to work with.  You would think after working with me over the course of a year she would know not to make too many suggestions.  However, she only had to say the word “snail” and I was off hunting for sketch to make a template from. Next week you will see these relatively blank canvases transformed with a kaleidoscope of color.

Google Q-Tip painting and a whole new world of creative expression can be unlocked.  It is particularly good for children as you don’t have to worry about washing brushes to change colors; you simply grab a fresh cotton swab.  As we like to say here in Libraryland, “Check it out.”  

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Along Came Toto

Our rug was full this morning as we gathered for Storytime.  With only two weeks left in our season,  there is so little time to pack in so much fun! 
My young pals were their usual selves; cheerful, excited and over whelming kind to each other.   

One tiny girl was wiggling and smiling to every song and finger play we did.  Never have I seen her so animated!  She was brimming with library joy.  

We shared the story, Along Came Toto by Anni Axeworthy.  The story introduces Percy, a dog who lived a peaceful existence until "one day a brown box came, and out of the box came Toto." This blue-eyed, diminutive kitty seems harmless enough--but poor Percy doesn't relish the fact that he suddenly has a constant companion. When the put-upon pooch goes to play with his toys, "along came Toto." When he goes to eat his dinner, "along came Toto." And when we go out in the garden, "along came Toto." Finally, "Percy got grumbly and growly and grouchy. He grumped upstairs to bed." When Toto follows, the dog loses his temper and commands Toto to GO AWAY! But Percy is quite relieved to find the cat curled up next to him when he awakens from a nightmare, and tells his new friend "I'm glad you came along."   

Friendship is a tremendous gift.  It is wonderful to watch all our tiny pals enjoy each other’s company and form those first, tentative bonds.  

Storytime will meet May 15 and 22 and then go on a break for the summer.  May 22 will be super exciting as we break out our artistic talents and finish off the year with Q-tip painting.  I, for one, can hardly wait; I am agog with anticipation!